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Harvested Sweet Fruits After Many Years Planting And Caring


Participating in my English class last year, she started with humble knowledge of English. After a three-month course, she could feel more better than before that. Three months are not a long time to obtain all of the aspects of knowledge in English. Nevertheless, that is an enough period of time for anyone to comprehend all the basic knowledge of English to apply to his or her continuing study in the future.

Last night, we had an appointment at Chachago (a milk tea shop in the Cultural Center of District 12) together with Mr. Phuoc who was my high-school classmate. He also took part in one of my general English classes with her. After one year, there have been many changes in her life, but one of the biggest is her new career path. She has been one of my successful students who just graduated from school with a much higher compensation compared to others in the common labor market up to now. I feel very thrilled and happy when hearing that she is working for a good company which specializes in fiber and fashion.

In my opinion, two of the reasons which has led to her initial success is her desire and determination. She told me that she had wished to work for any firms which is related to foreign investment. That is the cause why she really apprehends the importance of English and always tries to study it. I remember there was an English session which had only me and her because of a heavy storm. And that is a clear and honest evidence to prove her first success today.

I gave her some advices for her endless devotion in work, study and life. I think and hope that she will be much more successful in the future because I know that she is a hardworking, diligent, patient, clever and ambitious person. In my mind, I always wish and hope to see more and more students who can obtain higher positions and much more successful in the future.

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