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I met him two years ago when he came to my class to study English. At first, I had no impression on him but later on through a period of time studying with me I’ve felt that he is a responsible and dependable guy who can make some new changes to himself, his family and other people around him. I think he is one of the 4.0 youth generations who are ready to take risks to find a new way of development. With all of his energy, passion and youth, he invests in the tea industry with the name “Thịnh An” for his initial project on his life path.

Drinking tea is one of my habits every morning

Nowadays, tea drinking is not so popular as it was in the past, especially with the development of many types of new beverages in the market such as milk tea, instant coffee or beer. In the past, tea has appeared in many sorts of activities in Vietnamese life such as: engagement, wedding reception, ritual ceremony, or just enjoying some hot cups of tea in the morning to be ready for an effectively and efficiently working day.

As some of the researches show that tea can help keep us young and protect us from damage from pollution because of its antioxidants. Besides, tea may also reduce your risk of heart attract and stroke. If you are overweight, drinking tea may help with weight loss. Moreover, tea has many benefits such as protecting your bones, keeping your smile bright, boosting the immune system, helping battle cancer, smoothing the digestive system,…Waiting no more, just maintaining a good habit with some cups of tea everyday to have a long and quality life.

Drinking tea can help prevent many types of diseases and lose weight effectively

Vietnam is one of the countries in the world with some famous sorts of tea in the mountainous areas of Thai Nguyen, Lai Chau, Lang Son,…. Nevertheless, I think Vietnam has not used all of its potentials in developing this field yet. Meanwhile, Japan or China can be seemed as leading countries in exporting teas to the rest of the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines,…

I think Vietnam has many advantages such as climate, geography, soil, water,… to produce many kinds of teas with some characteristic tastes and unique flavors. I hope national government should give more attention and take more appropriate actions to revitalize the tea industry.

Vietnam still has many potentials to develop tea industry with many provinces nationwide, especially mountainous regions to the northwest

Yesterday I came to his new rental house and enjoyed some tasty cups of tea, which was thoroughly prepared with many detailed techniques by himself. While enjoying some delicious gulps of tea, he shared some of his strategies, plans and projects in the future to promote “Thinh An” tea to everybody. He’s going to expand his business to Hue city and Binh Dinh province.

“Thinh An” is a high quality product, which received a cup for “top ten Vietnamese prestigious trademark” in June 2017. I’ve drunk many types of tea in the past but yesterday I tried a new tea from Thinh An and I have to admit that Thinh An tea has a very special taste which you can recognize from its light green water in the cup to the smell you can inhale when you put your nose closer to the mouth of the cup and everything will be much ecstatic when sipping it into your mouth. If you have never tried to drink tea, I think Thinh An will be a good choice to experience a new type of hobby or if you have already known much more about tea, Thinh An is also a good alternative to experience new and strange feelings.

A newbie with a hope to conquer a peak of a fully challenging business – tea industry

After some cups of tea, he confided in me his purposes in cooperating with an artist who specializes in designing and creating some artworks related to fengshui stones such as murals, bracelets, pendants and some familiar objects in houses,…He also admitted that he’s really hated English since the 6th grade because of his teacher and that obsession has followed him so far, which is the reason why he cannot study English well. I told him that despite the fact, he should focus on learning English to have more opportunities to develop his profession much better. You don’t need to go to class daily, with the development of the internet and technology these days, you can study by yourselves anywhere with your smart phones only if there is the stable and rapid internet connection. In my opinion, at first, you need a good master to help you build some essential corner stones but later on after apprehending some basic knowledge, you can build a mansion by yourselves with your effort, diligence and patience day by day. I know many students have the malevolence with English, but you have to think and deeply recognize that English needs for your development in the future. You cannot get a higher position, more customers, partners or expand your business and relationships without English. It means that you will not have much more money and a prosperous life also. Therefore, English is always important and you need to learn how to study, understand and live with it.

I believe that with all endeavors, perseverance, sincerity, and optimism, any ordinary person can achieve his dreams as well as his intentions at some point of time in his life. Although still young, he has many good characters to become an outstanding entrepreneur in the future based on my observation. I always hope my guess will be able to come true and he can be successful someday to promote widely “Thinh An” to tea enthusiasts not only in Vietnam but also in other countries around the world.

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